Women Circle

Hi lovely,

welcome to my page ❤️


How can it get any better? ❤️

Yuhu, Zoom women circle currently take place free of charge every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. (Berlin Time).

The first online circles I held showed me that we can also connect through the digital media and create here a very special energy. ❤️


What can I imagine is a women circle?


A women circle is a place in which we can arrive, in which we can be who we are.

We are there for one another, get out of the competition among women and experience sisterhood that not only carries us in the circle, but beyond. We bring everything and how we are right now into the circle. Everything is right and good as it is in the moment. You will be accompanied by me in the topics, however they appear. ❤️

We are always exactly in the right group!

Get involved and meet your feminine being with all facets in you and in the woman next to you.

You are in a protected space, the circle time is always sacred time. What is shown and spoken in the circle stays in the circle.


For topics that want to be looked at on a more deeply level in a privat session, you are in good hands with me, as I have been accompanying people on their way as a coach, therapist and alternative practitioner for almost twenty years.


Registration per mail@agnesmarr.de or via the registration form.


Of course, you are also welcome to give something if you want to express your appreciation. Just ask about the donation options.


I'm happy to see you in the circle. Let's go new female ways together ❤️