Sacred S*xuality


Hello you wonderful woman ❤️,


do you want to connect with your divine life force? With your own energy source?


After hosting a workshop on a Sisterhood Celebrating weekend and co-hosting a women circle for Margo Awanata, talking about sacred sexuality, the idea came up to offer more about this topic.

Because we women need it sooo much to really connect with our gorgeous female life energy.


Sacred S*xuality means, it is all about sex and it is nothing about sex. Curious? 


Every time I talk to clients or women in my workshops, I learn something new about sexuality. Also in workshops where I take part. Sexuality is such a great indicator for what is going on in your life. For example, you  have problems to surrender in the moment, to your lust, most common reason is, that you can't give up your control patterns. So where in your life you are also missing the flow, where do you control life and block it from developing itself? This is just a tiny bit insight, about how all is connected. 

It is so important to know yourself and to honor yourself and very important to acknowledge your own lust, some want to have sex everyday with their partner, some occasional, some want to live polyamoros, some more celibate.

Everything is fine.

It is just about to know yourself.

And... Sacred S*xuality is also about what you can do with this incredible life force,

what you can create with this wonderful energy ❤️


So, if you want to know more or if you want to have an 1:1 session, just contact me. Happy to be there for you ❤️





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