Women Blessing Party Glastonbury


Die geplante Women Blessing Party am 02. Juni unterhalb des Tor entfällt leider wegen Corona.


Ich habe jedoch vor stattdessen an Samhain in Glastonbury zu sein. Auf Grund der aktuellen Lage kann ich noch keinen festen Termin durchgeben. 

Um Samhain sind die Wände zwischen den Welten ja auch viel dünner und viele Hexen, Druiden, Pagans, keltische Shamanen feiern den Beginn eines neuen Jahreszyklus.

Daher ist eine Segnung zu dieser Zeit auch viel intensiver.


Wer auf dem Laufenden bleiben möchte, kann meiner Facebookgruppe beitreten: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2567172050231128/


Beloved Sisters,

the 2 June is a very special day. Why? I will tell you, when we will meet there 😘 .

Togehter we will honour our feminine beings. Our divine energy, our light and our shadows, our power and our weakness, our serenity and our tension, our sensitivity and our rudness, our insecurity and our self-confidence. I invite you all, the bright shining ones, the broken ones, the laughing and the crying ones, the loved ones and the loving ones, the connected and the lost ones. All are welcome to this special Blessing party.

Who I am? I am a travelling soul on the path of love. I believe that the only thing which count in life is love. For ourself, for the living beings around us, for the moment. This is what we are really searching, looking and craving for: love. In every cell of our body, in every moment of our time. And this is what really matters. So you can call me a high priestess (which I am), a witch (which I am), a shaman (which I am), a healer (which I am), a speaker (which I am), but all what counts, is that I am a woman which believe in love and that love and magic are the same. ❤️

If you are interested join our fb group. There will be soon more information.


Anmeldungen: mail@agnesmarr.de


Wann?     02. June 2020

Wo?         Glastonbury

Wieviel?  Donation 



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